Writing 201: Poetry #8 – Last Day of Summer

We slurped our ice creams in the sun
Sitting there, us four
Vanilla, fresh! and chocolate,
Who could ask for more?

We sat in gorgeous silence
Watching that sun set
Packed our things and made for home,
A happy, free, quartet.

But the sun that set that night,
Never rose again.
Summer ended then and there:
A family, broken.

They rest now solely in my dreams
Us four, down by the lake.
And when I smell vanilla
My heart does freshly break.



Writing 201: Poetry Day 8 prompts – flavour – elegy – enumeratio






Picture courtesy of: flickr.com/photos/everexplore/9466602690

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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

22 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry #8 – Last Day of Summer”

      1. Ummmm…yours is great! I learned a long time ago from my
        Poetry mentor, write for yourself, read for yourself. Others’ work is different .. Not better or worse anything :). So glad you liked mine…and I love yours too!

    1. Don’t think it works in this case… My 2 year old is still at that magic stage where a parental kiss “heals” his latest bump or bruise… there should be some way of making that available as a health treatment!

    1. The ice cream bit is true – we had a wonderful afternoon a couple of weeks ago, that truly felt (in a warm way) like the last day of summer. The rest is my imagination, to take that to an extreme

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