Writing 201: Poetry #6 – Found Poem

Today’s 201 prompts were faces – found poetry – chiasmus. I’ve been itching to do a found poem for a while… I’ve borrowed a health and safety poster from work, and given it an Orwellian twist.


All workers controlled,
Stopping you getting through work.
Employer safety



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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

22 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry #6 – Found Poem”

    1. ha ha! That’s all too easy in my office… there’s a never-ending carousel of sweets, cakes, and various treats around the desks. Big office. Lot of birthdays/ holidays/ babies/ just fancied bringing some cakes in/ events!

      1. I don’t do well with the news stories, but your poster idea was quite brilliant. I usually take my “finds” from either book titles–or random lines in books. Great fun!

      1. the important thing is I’m sure that paper is treated to be chemically very safe to touch and doesn’t have sharp edges, so i could feel relaxed knowing there was no chance of you to get injured as you prepared this 😉

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