Weeds – Haiku

Your love gives me life
Revitalising my soul
Like water on weeds

Written for TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – check it out here: https://amaviedecoeurentier.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/tjs-household-haiku-challenge-weeds/


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

6 thoughts on “Weeds – Haiku”

  1. Watering the weeds is a good thing. Just think about some of the weeds in the world. The first thing that comes to mine is Marijuana. It started out as a weed. So many of our hybrid plants of today started out that way. So like water on weeds, love does revitalize the soul and beyond.

    1. Thanks jk. Interesting that both you and Teresa have interpreted it differently, and neither of you matched my “intention”. 17 syllables, and a myriad of interpretations 🙂

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