"W is for… Why?" (poem)

“Tell me, Daddy, tell me why!
You’d put an apple in a pie!

“Where do thoughts come from?
Where do dreams go?
How do I know that I know what I know?

“How do clocks know what time it is?
When I have a cold, and I’m streaming with snot
Do I have inside me, a mucus-y pot?

“What does Santa do, the rest of the year?
Why is the moon as big as the sun?
How can battles be lost, and won?

“Where do my socks disappear in the dryer?
What is light made of? What does it do?
Why is my soul on the base of my shoe?

“Come on, Daddy, tell me please!”

“Err… maybe your mother can help you with these”


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

15 thoughts on “"W is for… Why?" (poem)”

    1. Ah, well, not in my house. I always tried to give an answer to every question, which often meant giving them background info to understand the answer! Now my teenage daughters preface a question with “briefly, daddy, without going on for ten minutes…” 😉

        1. I do try to answer the questions that my 5 year old comes out with… the persona in this poem is not actually me! He does have a tendency to just stop listening if my explanations go on too long… am sure the college lectures/”briefly Daddy” stage will come!

          1. I think the longest response I gave was when my eldest (now 18, then about 8) asked some complicated question which meant I had to explain the Atlantic triangular slave trade of the 18th-19th century (cheap manufactured goods from Europe to Africa, slaves from Africa to America, tobacco/cotton/sugar from America to Europe). Oh damn, I’m doing it again…

              1. If only! I think it was something linked to ethnicity & black populations in the US & the UK but I can’t remember exactly – one of the pertinent questions kids come up with that makes the world seem bonkers when you have to answer it. To be honest, I may have forgotten the question before I even got to the end of the answer…

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