The Two-Minute Manager – 4

Another dose of management and leadership advice from the somewhat cynical mind of guest blogger, See Yi-Oh… You only have yourselves to blame if you follow this advice!

Attending Operational Meetings

Show your importance
To the lessers in the room:
Head down and email

Gift them your presence
But deny them eye contact.
Who knows where that leads?


Are you strategic?
There’s always scope to up-think.
Be more strategic.

Any report that’s
Longer than a page in length,
Isn’t for your eyes.

The true strategic
Does not think in words, numbers:
Start to think in shapes.



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17 thoughts on “The Two-Minute Manager – 4”

            1. You wouldn’t believe the arguments that have been had about them in this country – whether they are cake or biscuit… My personal debate is “how many from a packet of 12 do I need to offer my colleagues before scoffing the rest?”

              1. Personally, they look good enough to hoard jealously for yourself! One of our local supermarkets carries Jammie Dodgers and Digestive Biscuits, I’ll have to check if they have Jaffa Cakes, too!

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