The Raven and the Pumpkin (poem)

This was my entry into a competition on the website: It won a prize in the “Spookiest Entry” category, which is surely the most important Halloween prize, right?

The challenge was to write a Halloween story, in 100 words or fewer, containing the words: pumpkin, broomstick, and creak.

The raven with the sleek physique,
Popped the seed into its cheek.
From the seed a pumpkin grew.
The raven coughed it up, and flew
Up, away on broomstick sleek.

It draped itself in night’s mystique,
Searching for the ancient sign –
Golden countenance divine.
Having found this rare antique,
Was carried back within its beak.

The pumpkin, carved to match that face,
Brought living evil to that place.
Pumpkin crept without a creak,
And ate the bird before it shrieked!

So this year to protect your house,
Light a pumpkin candle… or else!


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

28 thoughts on “The Raven and the Pumpkin (poem)”

  1. Very creepy story, poor raven. One can’t be too careful at Halloween time! Good for you for entering the contest, & best wishes. Thanks for sharing on Poetry Friday, too!

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