The Drinker's Lament (poem)

Come on, world, please keep it down
Spent last night out on the town

From the off, on the doubles
Am blaming that, for my troubles

Clubbing’s never right for me
Yet there I was, till half three

Stumbled home at half past four
Fell asleep on bathroom floor

Woke for work at ten past eight
Feeling rough and in a state

Had to shower sitting down
World was spinning all around

Couldn’t face a bite to eat
Nearly threw up in the street

Fell asleep on journey in
Snoring loud and sweating gin

Got to work at half past nine
Wishing that I could resign

Must pretend to do some work
(Boss not in – the only perk)

My brain throbs to last night’s beat
Breath still smells of kebab meat

Cotton wool all through my head
Yearning to go back to bed

Tongue has turned the brightest green
Stomach’s churning’s quite obscene

Time to say a big amen:
I mean it… NEVER AGAIN!


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

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