The Dirty Dozen… with Ritu Bhathal!

Welcome to the final edition in this first “series” of The Dirty Dozen!

This is my spin on the author/blogger interview… Not all of these questions are easy, but hopefully they will give you an insight into the person on the other side of the screen. Ultimately, blogging is all about making connections. So show your humanity, show your love, and support each other. Because really, what else is there?

This week, I’m delighted to be hosting Ritu Bhathal in the Dirty Dozen “hotseat”.

Ritu is a prolific (and bubbly!) blogger, writer, and poet, who is so committed to her blogily that she wouldn’t even let a little thing like a surprise family holiday to Finland get between her and her blog this week!

You can find more here –

1 – How did you come across my blog?

RB – I do believe that I started following you as it became apparent that we were doing the Haiku Challenge with Ron regularly, and I could see that you were another slightly bonkers blogger/writer who got involved in silly conversations on the comments… Just like me!

Oh, and I like to read your posts, obviously!!!!

AL – another “win” for and that wonderful haiku challenge!

2 – You, in three words?

RB – Positive, Smiley and Loopy!

3 – The last book/ film/ or album that made you cry

RB – Honestly, I cannot remember!!!!!!! It also depends on my emotional state at the time of watching. Sometimes Eastenders can set me off, other times when I am feeling rather tough, nothing will make me cry!

AL – I know that feeling. I cried because I couldn’t get the lid off a jar once…

4 – Where are you now on your writer’s / blogger’s journey ?

RB – Well, right this minute, I am in the final processes of getting my first poetry book out! I am waiting for the final cover, then I can do a cover reveal, along with the name too! I am rather excited, I have to say!

I’m working on some fiction pieces too, either a book of short stories or a longer novel… we’ll see what comes of it!

AL – An exclusive reveal – you heard it here first! Can’t wait to hear more news on the cover soon!

5 – One piece of life / writing advice, or quote about life / writing, that you are sick of hearing, or that really doesn’t do it for you

RB – Can I be really cheesy here and say I love all these kinds of quotes. And advice. It’s all priceless, and if you don’t want to take heed, then just ignore them!

6 – Two true facts about you, and one lie….
RB – I can wiggle one eyebrow and make it dance around!
– There is a trophy named after me at my old school
– I can do napkin origami, and create a very lifelike erm, male appendage!

AL – Anyone attending the Bloggers Bash next week has to report back which of these is not true… have those napkins at the ready! There’s still time to vote for your favourite blogs for the Bloggers Bash… jus’ sayin’… 🙂

7 – The zombies rise and take over the world. You have five minutes to pack a bag and hit the road… You’ve got the essentials – water, tent, sleeping bag, vitamins, toothpaste, copy of Al’s zombie haiku book (coming soon to all good Amazon websites)… What else do you grab?

RB – My family and Cat, Chocolate, Phone and Charger (hoping we still have access to electricity!), Pens and Paper!

AL – The classic family-loving writer’s response!

8 – Who would play you in the movie of your life?

RB – Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla, at a younger age…

She does remind me of me, as in her personality. She is bubbly, full of mischief and the joys of life!

The other aspects, I am afraid I am not so much of a film buff to know of directors and script writers, but it would have to be a Rom Com with an Indian twist!

AL – This sounds amazing!

9 – Doc Emmett Brown pulls up outside your house in the DeLorean from Back to the Future… He’s got a few hours to spare, and fuel for one return trip… Where and when in time are you heading?

RB – To Ancient Egypt and the time of Cleopatra. I reckon I would rock the eyeliner, and I can ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ no problem!

AL – Another one to test at the Bloggers Bash next week! Have the DJ on standby…

10 – The producers of the Marvel Avengers films are worried they don’t have quite enough superheroes already crammed into the series… They call you up to play an original character. What would your character’s name be? What’s your superpower (yes, you can only have one) ?

RB – It would have to be The Phantom Giggler, like my Twitter name! My superpower, to make anyone laugh!

AL – love it!

11 – You are hosting a (very small) dinner party for the deceased… You can invite three dead people to your shindig, but you only have enough spectral energy for one mega-star “A-lister”, and any two others. Who do you summon, and why?

RB – My Nanaji, maternal Grandfather, as I feel there was so much to learn from him, and I never got the chance, as I was only 6 when he died…

My Baba, paternal Grandfather, as he died before even my Pops really knew him. I would love to know who he was properly.

Michael Jackson, not for the talking, but so he could sing in between courses!

AL – I love how close you are to your family… and even want to provide entertainment between courses for them!

12 – Any regrets?

RB – I try my hardest to live a No Regrets lifestyle, but I wish we had travelled more before starting our family. I wish I had embarked on my teaching career earlier, and not left a 17 year gap between qualifying, and actually finishing. And not continuing with my book, when I initially started it!

AL – I would definitely echo that first one… hindsight changes our perspective, but lives are there to be lived in the moment 🙂

So, a huge thank you to the loveably loopy Ritu for sharing herself with us. I am really sad I won’t be able to meet her in person at the Bloggers Bash next week – if only to check out those dance moves and wiggling eyebrows! (I wonder if both work at the same time…)

You can connect with her at:
Blog Website:
Facebook page:
Twitter: @Phantomgiggler

I wish her the best of luck with her (first!) book, and can’t wait for the cover reveal! Now, go and check out those links and share the love 🙂


The Dirty Dozen is taking a rest for a few weeks now, but will be coming back for one week only in July for Comedy Book Week, with some special guests!

Do you fancy a turn in the hotseat when this returns properly later in the year? (This is aimed at bloggers as well as writers, so don’t be shy!) Leave your email in the comments and I’ll be in touch 🙂


The Dirty Dozen

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47 thoughts on “The Dirty Dozen… with Ritu Bhathal!”

  1. Yayayay!!! Fantastic interview! I love that There were such funny and different questions asked! Yes, Ritu, cheers to Egypt and Jacko…. and to all kinds of quotes… and napkin origami at the Blogger Bash…. lol!

  2. Great interview – it’s really good fun to get to know another blogger beyond their blog! I would be very happy to take part.

    I’m glad to have found your blog too, Al!

    1. Thanks Freya – have made a note of your email address and deleted it from your comment, just to make double sure. I’ll be in touch soon! 🙂

  3. Good luck with the release of your book, Ritu!! It is nice meeting you. And, don’t forget that traveling with kids is more than possible! I have met a lot of families “out there”. There is no better education than a worldly one in my opinion. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Liesbet!
      As for the travelling with kids… Yes it is totally possibly… But sometimes you just want that time…. You know?!

  4. Lovely to learn more about Ritu and bask in her spunky personality. Great luck with your book, Ritu. What an adventure. This was a fun series, Al. I’m glad you’ll be starting it up again 😀

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