Technical help…

I am starting to post exclusively now at this new site, and had planned on shutting down the old blog over the coming weeks. Now I’m in two minds… the last two days have been my best ever for follows, and every single one is following the old blog! (These all came immediately after I’d transferred all my followers over to this site.)

Were people waiting for me to finally shut up for a minute before they decided to follow me??

So, I’ll have to think about that one. One thing I did want to flag and get some feedback on is about comments. My WordPress reader seems completely thrown by the new website. Not all of your comments appear in my reader… a number get quarantined for no reason (even when you’ve previously commented successfully)… none of my replies appear in my reader… and now, even my comments on your websites seem to be disappearing too.

Blogging is all about interacting, and this isn’t making things easy (for me, certainly).

My questions to you are twofold:

  1. Have you been experiencing similar problems with making comments on this site, or picking up my replies?
  2. Does anyone have any technical insight to steer me towards resolving this?

Grateful for ANY help that you can offer, even if it’s only feedback to say that you’ve not had any problems! πŸ™‚

Thank you!

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37 thoughts on “Technical help…”

  1. I don’t even see the other blog any longer. This is the only one that shows up and it comes to me twice… sorta weird that it does that. Oh, this site I am referring to is the new site (just in case the comment I left appears somewhere else)

    1. Thanks Annette. I think it comes to you twice because you signed up for this one before I transferred everyone across. I’ll see if I can delete one of them!

  2. Hi Al. I had problems posting tow different comments to you yesterday via the reader.
    I tried unsuccessfully a number of times and was just told ‘reply failed.’
    what I did in the end was to go directly to your site and leave the comments on the actual post. I don’t seem to have any problems receiving your comments though as far as I know.
    I am pretty much a technodunce so can’t help with that , sorry πŸ™

    1. Hi Judy, thanks for persisting! I’m getting the same issue leaving comments on other blogs now – either it says “reply failed” if I try through the reader, or even if I try direct on the site it just isn’t coming up. Will keep delving!

  3. All works fine for me, but I did sign up again on your new site to follow your posts.

    PS: You can only count me as 1 (one) follower, even though I leave multiple comments sometimes. πŸ™‚

  4. I wish I could help! I had trouble with comments getting parked someplace strange in the technosphere for awhile. I cursed and changed my settings back & forth for a few days, and then it magically fixed itself.

  5. Hi Al, I went from one to another but at a very early stage so I didn’t have many followers. I just put a sign on my old front page “please go to… instead”. A few people have said in the past that they couldn’t comment but I’m not sure if it’s temperamental mobile phones rather than the processes behind the blog framework. I rarely use my phone to post/check my blog so I’m not sure how to help you further.

    New site is fab though! Let me know how you get on with this.

    1. Meant to add – sometimes frequent comment ID’s end up in my ‘to be approved’ list but I prefer to check them myself anyway instead of automatically approving. Entirely up to you though.

      1. Thanks Sarah. I wouldn’t mind approving comments if I even knew they were there – it seems to be hiding them from the reader (where I reply to all comments normally). Am hoping this is just teething troubles…

  6. Right… so, I didn’t have to sign up for this sign, the follow was put through without me having to do anything (good thing, as I had no idea how to follow this site!).
    I can read your comments directly in my reader, but can’t reply to them (and it’s not a faulty phone or anything of the likes, since I always connect through my laptop). I do have to go to your actual site to leave comments, which is slightly annoying, but I’d rather at least be told you replied, and allowed to connect through the reader (the link to the post is on top of your reply).
    Your posts show up directly into the reader. I don’t know if you posted anything on the old site in the past two days, so I couldn’t say, but I haven’t seen anything from there.

    As far as comments from you… I received a like on my latest post, no comment, but I assumed you didn’t have either time or anything to say, so I didn’t think twice about it. Now I’m thinking maybe a comment got lost somewhere… so we’ll see πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the fine tuning of this site. It’ll all work out in the end, I’m sure of it πŸ™‚

    1. I did leave a comment on your latest post – posted it directly onto your site too. (sigh) I wish I had some technical knowledge, to even be able to google the solution! Will keep trying anyway πŸ™‚

      1. FOUND IT! It went to my spam folder instead of the usual ‘to be approved’ notification in my reader. It should have posted now. I’ll go reply to it πŸ™‚

        The problem here may be that I have set my comments to require approval the first time someone new posts… and you weren’t recognised as having posted already, since you were doing it from a different ‘address’. I guess it may be a similar problem for other blogs. People who have set their comments to require approval may have that problem every time though. :-/

        I wish I had an answer for you πŸ™

        But I’m sure it’ll sort itself out! Keep trying, it’s all we can do, right? πŸ™‚

  7. I only see this site as well. My only issues are that I can’t comment in the reader and I can’t respond to your comments through my notifications. I have to visit your blog site to do anything. Using my mobile or tablet makes it really cumbersome. So if I don’t seem to be getting back to you in a timely fashion, that’s why!

    1. Thanks for persevering, Meg. I am wondering about going back to the old blog, and using the website as a more static thing. I love these little chats!

  8. Yeah, I’d noticed it was all a bit odd. I tend to read all of my followed sites using WordPress Reader and although I can ‘like’ a post of yours (on new blog) from there, I can’t comment – there’s no comment box, nor are there any stats as to how many comments have been made. So, ironically, this particular post essentially said “I’m having problems with comments, what do you lot think?” and then nothing else!
    Had to follow the link through to the actual alistairlanewrites site to make this comment and then I see you’ve got over 20 comments already.
    I can’t say I’m keen to follow in your footsteps on this occasion – it all looks a bit hit & miss. But quite pretty, though! πŸ™‚
    Hope you get to the bottom of it, mate.

  9. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad you posted this (because I think I missed the notification if you’d answered me on FB) to let us know that you didn’t actually shut down comments. No option appears in my reader to comment like it used to and I have to pull up your blog in a new tab before I can comment.

      1. I had to come here to reply. I could see your reply, but when I tried to send mine it kept saying reply failed. But I love you enough to make the trip over to your site <3. Hope it gets straightened out! Diane

  10. I only get the one email notifying me on any new posts you publish, Al, and I did not have to sign up again.

    I’ve had no problems in leaving comments on this new blog. They’ve all worked and I’ve been notified of your comments when you’ve replied to them.

    I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never trusted the WP Reader or the notification centre. Even some of my posts don’t end up in the reader and I often find comments on my dashboard that are not in the notification centre! I use email notifications for everything. Yes, they clog up my in box, but they’ve never failed me.

    1. Thanks Hugh. I have a bit more faith in the WP Reader, rightly or wrongly… perhaps more importantly, I’ve also discovered just how much some of my followers rely on it. I’m learning a lot this week, that’s for sure! πŸ™‚

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