A Writer, not a Fighter – Pt 2

As seems to be the rule of trilogies, this one is darker, more intense, than part one 🙂


It’s words that pay the writers’ bill…

This starts off fun, but goes downhill,

When books are pulped or in landfill

And critics only make you ill

Putting you beneath the grill

Making sure they get their fill

‘Cuz they’re the whale and you’re just


Tune in tomorrow for the concluding part of this epic (ie over-long) trilogy!


A Writer, not a Fighter – Pt 1

Show-offs swim,
Writers paddle.

Fiddlers fiddle,
Writers faddle.

Dancers twist,
Writers stick.

Conmen sell,
Writers trick.

Opticians blur,
Writers focus…

Maybe I’ll just have a quick look at Facebook…



Tune in tomorrow at the same time for more weak writing gags!


Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/incessantflux/2321772945

Who Wants To Live Forever? – Limerick

An old man was wondering whether
There was a chance of living forever.
So he hung out at night
For a vampire bite
But just ended up “under the weather



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/misko_k/14629207650


Written for https://mindandlifematters.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/limerick-challenge-week-2-immortal/

OctPoWriMo #12 – Easy As… (poem)


Boundaries &


This is today’s contribution to OctPoWriMo – a challenge to write a poem a day during October. Today’s prompt was: Write a poem that is 26 lines. Each line begins with a different letter of the alphabet. A, B, C… as you can see, I haven’t exactly followed that approach!

You can sign up here, at any time during the month, or just check out the prompts and tips if you prefer – http://www.octpowrimo.com/


Image by Morgan Dragonwillow

Haiku – "Oil"

This was written for TJ’s weekly haiku challenge. Check it out here! https://amaviedecoeurentier.wordpress.com/2015/09/26/tjs-household-haiku-challenge-oil/

I struggled with the prompt word this week, to be honest. I tried to write something on “black gold”, but it just felt trite, and I’ve never been one for oil of any type on a salad. I then remembered a management buzz phrase about doing things more efficiently, and came up with this effort…

A creaky door hinge,
Or a mouse frying some chips?
Get grease to the squeak!