A to Z Challenge – Halfway!

So, we’ve reached the halfway mark of the A to Z Challenge, and already there have been a lot of tips and advice on my chosen theme of surviving the zombie apocalypse… Here’s a quick recap! (I’ve been posting these on my blog directly, rather than on here – follow the link in the top-right of your screen if you’re at a laptop 🙂 )

Apocalypse comes: a zombie flavour.
Achieve survival – life’s to savour!

Pack a bag, be ready to go,
Life is beautiful, don’t you know.

No more commuting, that’s all out,
No chance of a cure, I have no doubt.

Build up defences, walls and bricks,
Death isn’t life, but still plays tricks.

Beware the evil that men do;
Don’t slip on entrails ‘neath your shoe.

Fish for food and find some friends.
Don’t know first aid? Make amends.

Growing food; guns and more.
Playing golf… guts and gore.

Knowing when to hide, or seek.
The humour skills you need to tweak.

Imitation, insects, immortality.
Imagine no Internet! Insanity!

Joggers’ justice in the park
Jam and jelly after dark.

Killing zombies, armoured knights,
Kayak, knife and knitting fights.

Living, loving on the land,
Laugh at lawyers getting canned.

Making music, marry right,
Military lost the fight.

So much advice, so many more…
Who knows what other tips in store?

What’s been your favourite tip so far? Any topics that you’re dying to hear covered? Let me know in the comments!
















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Haiku – Fly

This week’s haiku horizons prompt is “fly”. What stage are you at?

I wish I could fly
Soar above clouds and mountains
Be free as a bird

I’ve no time to stop
Much to do; so little time
If I could just fly…

Commuting is hell
Hours of traffic daily.
If I could just fly…

Old Age
How time flies
So many regrets
Just one life

Fly up to heaven
Let angels carry you home
I’ll see you again



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/welshpixie/9501853553

Haiku – Plan & Lift

#1 – Me
I will change the world!
I’ll lift it and reset it.
At least… that’s the plan…

#2 – You
Give yourself a lift
It’s time to take some “me” time
Throw out today’s plan


Give yourself a liftIt's time to take some -me- timeThrow out today's plan

My first attempt on Canva…

Written for: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-88-liftplan/

Limerick – Nerds Unite!

I wrote this in reply to Dr Meg’s trekkie haiku (check it out – http://drmegsorick.com/2016/03/14/power-a-limerick/)… thought I’d share it on here! 🙂

There’s a power of which I’ve heard,
Some dismiss as simply absurd.
They take them for granted,
Taking advantage,
But there’s power in being a NERD!



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/stinkiepinkie_infinity/8087819830

This also fits with the weekly limerick challenge prompt of “power” – https://mindandlifematters.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/limerick-challenge-week-11-power/

Friday Funnies… in haiku!

Anyone else feel that the haiku is a sorely under-used medium for fun and Friday frolics? Oh, just me then… Well, you’re here now: let me know what you make of these! 🙂

Read dictionary.
I thought it was a poem.
About everything.

Money talks.
But all mine says
Is goodbye.

We grew up dirt poor.
I started out with nothing.
Still have most of it…

Algebra of love:
When you look at your X
And you wonder Y

My therapist says
I’m obsessed with vengeance.
We’ll see about that.

Rabbit in the woods
Stands with the sun at his back.
Makes human shadows.

Finished world’s biggest
Jigsaw puzzle this morning.
Last piece was missing

Mafia hitman
Killed a local mime artist.
Used a silencer



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/gagillphoto/3336353424

The Jobs Fair

Another set of lyrics for what could be an autobiographical C&W song… Hope you enjoy!

Went down to the jobs fair
To find myself a job
Went down to the jobs fair
’cause I’m no lazy slob

The lady at the jobs fair
Asked me about my skills
That lady at the job fair
Asked what gives me thrills

I said to the job fair lady
“Well, I like writing rhymes
It may not seem like much to you
But it passes all my time”

Well, the lady at the job fair
She pushed a little more
“I know you’re outta work now,
But what’d you do before?”

And I stood there at the job fair
And I described it thus:
“Every day I stood up
To get knocked down by a bus

And as I lay there bleeding
The crows would peck my eyes
And the foxes there would feast on
A tender soul surprise”

Now maybe that’s a stretch,
But that’s just the way I felt
Working for the big man
Play-ing the hand I’m dealt

There’s gotta be a better way
To live an honest life
I just wanna feed my family
My two boys and my wife

So I said to the job fair lady,
“Can’t I write for cash?
My family’s needs are simple.
Nothing all that flash.”

Well, the lady at the job fair,
She laughed right in my face.
“Poems sell for pennies!
You gotta get back in the race”

Well, if poems sell for pennies,
Then I’ll just write some more
Yes, if my poems sell for pennies
I’ll write a whole bunch more



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/51550312

Haiku – The Fear

#1 – The Writer
I spy my future
Idea sparks; ride the quake…
No plot worth a damn

#2 – The Fear
Spies and plots condemn.
Quaking at shadows; spark gone.
What is fear worth?



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/lolowaro/14770821388


Written for : http://thesecretkeeper.net/2016/03/07/weekly-writing-prompt-27/
Prompt words: WORTH | SPARK | PLOT | QUAKE | SPY