Limerick – Dreams

Beware of living your dreams
It isn’t quite what it seems…
When you’re struggling to run
From a currant bun
And flying custard creams!


For an insight into my dreams – a couple of days ago, my wife woke me, and the first thing I said was, “why don’t more sausages have cheese in them?”…



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Batman v Superman: Partners in Rhyme

I wrote this a while back, but it seemed to make sense to dust it off now…

I’m a super-fan of Superman
But I need some answers please.
Flying around is all very well,
But where does he keep his keys?

– I’m also batty about the Batman,
– And he’s sussed the answer to that:
– Keeping his keys upon his belt,
– In a pouch (predictably) shaped like a bat

Saving the world is fine and dandy,
But what’s with Supey’s underpants?
Bright and red and on display,
Does he think it’s the fashion, by chance?

– By contrast, Bats takes a classic approach,
– And always dresses in black.
– It’s far more practical for working nights;
– He’s hidden ‘til POW!-THWACK!!

How does Superman prioritise?
He’s too many problems for one.
He can’t save everyone all of the time.
Can he ever have any fun?

– At least the Batster knows his limits,
– Focusing on Gotham town.
– Setting his sights on their crime lords,
– Determined to bring them all down.

And does Supe think that we’re too stupid,
To see through his Clark Kent disguise?
All he does is add some specs,
It’s clear to everyone’s eyes!

– Bruce Wayne makes more of an effort,
– Covering all except that chin.
– Cloaking his body in armour,
– Hiding the human within.

So I’m becoming less enamoured
With this fussy and flawed “super” man.
His costume’s frankly impractical,
Though he’s come far from where he began.

– Batty, though, has the gadgets and tricks,
– That are so much cooler than powers.
– And he prefers to party hardy
– Than moralise for hours.

So, in the end, I’m a “Bat” man
He’ll never let me down.
He’ll always be my favourite…
‘til Wonder Woman swings into town!



Haiku – Plan & Lift

#1 – Me
I will change the world!
I’ll lift it and reset it.
At least… that’s the plan…

#2 – You
Give yourself a lift
It’s time to take some “me” time
Throw out today’s plan


Give yourself a liftIt's time to take some -me- timeThrow out today's plan

My first attempt on Canva…

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Limerick – Nerds Unite!

I wrote this in reply to Dr Meg’s trekkie haiku (check it out –… thought I’d share it on here! 🙂

There’s a power of which I’ve heard,
Some dismiss as simply absurd.
They take them for granted,
Taking advantage,
But there’s power in being a NERD!



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This also fits with the weekly limerick challenge prompt of “power” –

The Jobs Fair

Another set of lyrics for what could be an autobiographical C&W song… Hope you enjoy!

Went down to the jobs fair
To find myself a job
Went down to the jobs fair
’cause I’m no lazy slob

The lady at the jobs fair
Asked me about my skills
That lady at the job fair
Asked what gives me thrills

I said to the job fair lady
“Well, I like writing rhymes
It may not seem like much to you
But it passes all my time”

Well, the lady at the job fair
She pushed a little more
“I know you’re outta work now,
But what’d you do before?”

And I stood there at the job fair
And I described it thus:
“Every day I stood up
To get knocked down by a bus

And as I lay there bleeding
The crows would peck my eyes
And the foxes there would feast on
A tender soul surprise”

Now maybe that’s a stretch,
But that’s just the way I felt
Working for the big man
Play-ing the hand I’m dealt

There’s gotta be a better way
To live an honest life
I just wanna feed my family
My two boys and my wife

So I said to the job fair lady,
“Can’t I write for cash?
My family’s needs are simple.
Nothing all that flash.”

Well, the lady at the job fair,
She laughed right in my face.
“Poems sell for pennies!
You gotta get back in the race”

Well, if poems sell for pennies,
Then I’ll just write some more
Yes, if my poems sell for pennies
I’ll write a whole bunch more



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Haiku – The Fear

#1 – The Writer
I spy my future
Idea sparks; ride the quake…
No plot worth a damn

#2 – The Fear
Spies and plots condemn.
Quaking at shadows; spark gone.
What is fear worth?



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Prompt words: WORTH | SPARK | PLOT | QUAKE | SPY