Haiku – From Bad to Worse

No empty comforts;
Her wicked lies in my head
Melting my resolve

The space she has left…
Home comforts melt into air
As I head for sin.

Within her black heart,
Only evil. No comfort.
Her mind void of good.




Written for secret keeper’s weekly prompt, using five words:
Weekly Writing Prompt #16

Haiku – Haunted

Strange days are turning.
Rough deeds beget dust, no more,
Haunted by my past

Rough ghosts assail me
Strange fruits turn to dust and ash
Clogging in my maw

It’s the ghost of her.
Dust turning in eve’s strange light
Rough-forms her image

I cry.


Written for secret keeper’s weekly poem prompt, using – ghost rough dust strange turn. http://thesecretkeeper.net/2015/12/14/weekly-writing-prompt-15/




Something Missing

Summer’s streamers rose on
Something more than two.
Hearts conjoined in clarity
We two, we happy few.

But the Earth revolves around the sun;
Each season has its day.
Sandy summer beaches set
And harden into clay.

Love’s the cruelest teacher;
These lessons are hard-won.
Now I sit here all alone,
Something less than one.


Written for: http://andytownend.com/2015/11/09/poetry-101-rehab-missing/







OctPoWriMo #29 – The Last Leaf

Winter’s winds are coming,
Friends scattered on the breeze.
I remain here stoic:
The last leaf on the tree.

I’ve clung on for so long,
It’s all I know to do.
Life has lost all meaning
Without my dear love true.

I’m browning at the edge,
The green is draining fast.
Summer’s strength is fading.
How long will I last?

I’ve withstood many storms
But no more can resist.
The final wind is coming.
I hope I will be missed


Written for OctPoWriMo. Today’s prompt was “drawing to a close”.







Writing 201: Poetry #8 – Last Day of Summer

We slurped our ice creams in the sun
Sitting there, us four
Vanilla, fresh! and chocolate,
Who could ask for more?

We sat in gorgeous silence
Watching that sun set
Packed our things and made for home,
A happy, free, quartet.

But the sun that set that night,
Never rose again.
Summer ended then and there:
A family, broken.

They rest now solely in my dreams
Us four, down by the lake.
And when I smell vanilla
My heart does freshly break.



Writing 201: Poetry Day 8 prompts – flavour – elegy – enumeratio






Picture courtesy of: flickr.com/photos/everexplore/9466602690

Haiku – "Pine" & "Grief"

Born a mighty oak,
But am low weathered by grief.
I’m now soft as pine

I would dare it all
For one kiss beneath the pines;
Bear a thousand griefs

No worse grief than this:
Pining for the lost child,
Taken far too soon

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Haiku – "Tea Cosy"

TJ’s weekly challenge is “tea cosy” this week… not an obvious source for poetry (depending on how strongly you feel about your cuppa, I guess!), but this is where I’ve taken it:

Memory is cruel :
Household items needle us
With what time has claimed


Check out TJ’s challenge here! https://amaviedecoeurentier.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/tjs-household-haiku-challenge-tea-cosy/



Haiku Challenge – "Glass"

These are my contributions for this week’s haiku challenge from TJ, on the theme of “glass”. I enjoyed this theme… so much potential! Check out the other entries here: https://amaviedecoeurentier.wordpress.com/2015/08/16/tjs-household-haiku-challenge-glass/

My heart is shaped glass
Channeling clear emotion
If dropped, I shatter

I rattle the ice
Deep sigh. Tap fingers. Chantelle.
Drain the final drops

Hold it to the light,
Reflecting and refracting,
Lying with its truth