The Two-Minute Manager – 4

Another dose of management and leadership advice from the somewhat cynical mind of guest blogger, See Yi-Oh… You only have yourselves to blame if you follow this advice!

Attending Operational Meetings

Show your importance
To the lessers in the room:
Head down and email

Gift them your presence
But deny them eye contact.
Who knows where that leads?


Are you strategic?
There’s always scope to up-think.
Be more strategic.

Any report that’s
Longer than a page in length,
Isn’t for your eyes.

The true strategic
Does not think in words, numbers:
Start to think in shapes.



Coming Up!

I’ve settled into a regular-ish blogging routine now, based around a handful of challenges that I enjoy, and that tolerate my continued wibbling. So, in an attempt to manage my own time as much as your fervent expectations (honestly, it’s like Beatlemania meets Biebermania every time I step out of my own front door), this is what you can expect each day, between now and April (when the poem-a-day blogging challenge kicks in, and I cry myself to sleep every day for failing to prepare despite having no excuse this year).

The BIG NEWS is that I have secured an exciting guest blogger to come and join me every Monday until April… See Yi-Oh will be sharing the benefits of his business nous (in haiku form, obviously) in a new series “The Two-Minute Manager“. I hope you’ll give him a warm welcome when he joins me tomorrow!

MONDAY – Limerick Challenge / The Two-Minute Manager

TUESDAY – Haiku Challenges – Ronovan & haiku horizons

WEDNESDAY – Secret Keeper’s Challenge

THURSDAY – Pop-Culture Thursday… the name needs work, but it’ll be something rhyme-y whyme-y, about something pop-culture-y

FRIDAY – The Great Book of Lists

WEEKENDS – no planned posts, unless for a specific challenge. I’ll be spending Saturdays entirely offline. Go and have some outdoor fun, people!

Plus there will be other bouts of randomness as and when inspiration strikes.

If there are any burning topics, ignored by better poets, that you think need covering in rhyme, let me know below the line 🙂


The scene outside my front door every morning… makes the commute to work a challenge…

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Merry Zombie Christmas!

I hadn’t planned on writing another poem before Christmas, but yesterday’s haiku about broken hearts and betrayal didn’t seem to strike the right festive note for me… This is far more up my street!

(Two things I can promise you about 2016: more haikumore zombies.)

Thank you to everyone for your comments, likes and all-round awesomeness this year. I really do appreciate it <3. Love and best wishes to you and your families x

The Christmas zombies
Wish you festive brain chomping
And happy fresh flesh !




Christmas is Coming!

In an effort to curb my natural Grinchyness, I’m going to try some festive poetry over the next week or so…


Christmas is coming, this dad is getting fat
The tinsel’s off the tree and is wrapped around the cat

There’s nothing on the telly and the boys are getting bored
Why is this the holiday that everyone adored?




Postman Pat is Dangerous!

Kids TV is dangerous
It shouldn’t be allowed.
Have you ever watched Postman Pat,
With his helicopter in the clouds?

It seems to get used for everything,
For every cat stuck up a tree,
Or an implausible balloon rescue
Of the hapless PC Selby

And you can guarantee,
That if a magpie takes a shine
To Mrs Goggins’ glasses,
Then WHOOSH – it’s heli-time!

Within the village of Greendale,
There’s only 50 or so,
In a surprisingly diverse microcosm
Of a world some used to know.

But in these times of austerity,
With services cut back,
Shouldn’t we tell the truth
About the real Postman Pat?

Helicopter fuel’s expensive,
And the post people just deliver mail.
I’m all for raising kids’ expectations,
But aren’t we setting them up to fail?



OctPoWriMo #24 – The Cat on the Stair

The cat sat.
Sat and stared.
Sat and stared upon the stair.
Upon the stair, it sat and stared.

It was a cat and mouse affair.

Without the mouse.



Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt was to search through the photos at until you find one that sparks a story poem for you…





OctPoWriMo #19 – Dear John

Dear John

We were always wrong, John
Our love was never strong, John
(I know I bought a thong, John
But I’m not stringing you along, John)

We never were a song, John
Just a bing and a bong, John
A clashing of the gong, John
That went on too long, John

I feel our time has gone, John
No need to prolong, John
We just don’t belong, John
I’d like to get along, John…

But frankly, John… You pong!