Haiku – Fly

This week’s haiku horizons prompt is “fly”. What stage are you at?

I wish I could fly
Soar above clouds and mountains
Be free as a bird

I’ve no time to stop
Much to do; so little time
If I could just fly…

Commuting is hell
Hours of traffic daily.
If I could just fly…

Old Age
How time flies
So many regrets
Just one life

Fly up to heaven
Let angels carry you home
I’ll see you again



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/welshpixie/9501853553

Monday Musing… The Worst Day…

Everyone has a bad day from time to time. Maybe not “attacked-by-a-bear-then-left-to-die-in-the-woods” bad, but everyday bad. Even those we see as being particularly blessed will have a shocker now and again. Bill Gates will get his wang caught in his fly. Dave Grohl (“nicest man in rock”) will accidentally drop a “c-bomb” in front of his mum at a family dinner. David Beckham will get completely ignored in public, while his son gets spotted and subjected to trial by selfie. Donald Trump will accidentally put the hamster on his head, while his wig is being cleaned…

Yeah, I’m keeping this build-up light. Last Thursday was a shocker for me. And that saying about things coming in threes? Yep, that too.

Thursday morning, out of the blue, I got told at work I’m going to be made redundant. In the afternoon, a serious health scare for someone very close to me, that will need surgery.

These are both major shocks to the system, but it was the one that happened in between that made me break down and cry like a baby.

I saw my cat die.

While getting changed out of my work clothes, brain whizzing about with what I’m going to do next, how we’re going to pay the mortgage/ feed the kids/ get through this one, I watched my cat die on the bed, right next to me.

With no warning, she lay her head on its side, and just curled up like a leaf closing, pulling in on herself. The air slowly leaving her body. A balloon silently deflating.

I patted her and stroked her, saying her name over and over, but there was no reaction. I patted her a bit more urgently. Nothing.

Her heart wasn’t beating.

Her lungs weren’t working.


I started blubbing like a baby, sobbing her name.

Maybe ten seconds later, she lifted her head up and let out a couple of angry mews (pain?).

I went to stroke her, but she ran off and hid downstairs. She was a bit skittish for the rest of the day, but otherwise acted the same as normal. A bit mental, a bit stand-offish, very demanding about food. You know, like a normal cat.

I know my cat, and I know how she reacts to things. I am absolutely certain that she died. And yet here she is now, nuzzling around my feet, acting within her normal parameters of strangeness.

Maybe her throat closed or something. I don’t know. Do cats suffer from anaphylactic shock?

So with those big three things happening on the same day, the one that made me really cry, and is making me well up recalling it, was my cat dying. For a bit.

Go figure.


My cat. Definitely just napping this time.

Haiku -End

This is my final haiku of the week, which have been unusually morbid for me. This one is dedicated to David Bowie. I wrote the haiku first, and then couldn’t get the image of Bowie in his final incarnation in “Lazarus” out of my head. I hope the restless artist’s soul has now found peace. 


Eye sheds single tear
Drum-taut, paper-thin skin greys
Heart’s silence, ends life


Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/grasslandsnationalparkvalmariesaskatchewan/23775000414

Written for secret keeper, using the prompts: silence – eyes – heart – drum – life

RIP Goblin King

A Goblin King who loved magic
Was more than a little dramatic
His power of voodoo
Was more than you do
But his death is desperately tragic


Inspired by David Bowie (in his role as the Goblin King in Labyrinth); written for: https://mindandlifematters.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/limerick-challenge-week-3-magic/


Picture credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jareth

R.I.P. David Bowie

Woke to sad, sad news:
No more to see his chameleon face.
Leaving a lifetime’s soundtrack,
Youth’s oddity shuffles into space.


Others will undoubtedly, and rightly, post links to some of Bowie’s classic songs today. I will take a different tack and post this. It is a parody, but it is clearly made by fans of Bowie, and is made with love. RIP David.

The Cold, Cold Ground

When all’s said and done,
No more battles to be won,
Downing of my sun.

Hear this final plea:
I know how long death can be,
Do this thing for me.

Never lay me down
Where only worms will be found
In the cold, cold ground.

Never lay me down
Where my body will be bound
In the cold, cold ground.


Haiku Horizons prompt “ground”



Haiku on love and death

Ronovan’s haiku prompts this week – “life” and “give” – have brought out a stream of haiku from me on love and death. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

My greatest regret:
I’ve only one life to give,
To service your love

I’d give everything;
Heart’s lock, life’s joys, soul’s sunshine,
For just one more day

Life is for giving:
Share your tender heart wisely
And you shall receive

No more days to give…
I’ll greet death with a smile
For this gift of life

When life’s revels end,
Regrets are for the death-bed,
But give them lightly

My final moments
No more pain shall I suffer.
The night’s bird takes flight

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #72 Life&Give



OctPoWriMo #29 – The Last Leaf

Winter’s winds are coming,
Friends scattered on the breeze.
I remain here stoic:
The last leaf on the tree.

I’ve clung on for so long,
It’s all I know to do.
Life has lost all meaning
Without my dear love true.

I’m browning at the edge,
The green is draining fast.
Summer’s strength is fading.
How long will I last?

I’ve withstood many storms
But no more can resist.
The final wind is coming.
I hope I will be missed


Written for OctPoWriMo. Today’s prompt was “drawing to a close”.







OctPoWriMo #21 – The End of the World and Everything In It

June Carter sang me a song today…

Some day the flood is coming
To wipe us from this land
Things have gone downhill
It’s all got out of hand

No power on earth can stop it
It’s all too late for that
No point tryin’ to fight it
So go and hug your cat

And when those raindrops start to fall
Greet them with a smile
Go and hug your cat goodbye and
Greet. Them. With. A. Smile.

As the water starts to rise
And wash away your stuff
Don’t waste time in doubting,
Have I done enough?

There’s time for one last email
And maybe then a tweet
To say goodbye to this old world
This time you got me beat

So when those raindrops start to fall
Greet them with a smile
Go and hug your cat goodbye and
Greet. Them. With. A. Smile.

Well that water’s rising really fast
Your defences overwhelmed
No point looking round for help
It’s the same across the realm

As the water pulls you under
There’s no time for regrets
Just hope that you go quickly,
Cuz that’s as good as it gets

So when those raindrops start to fall
Greet them with a smile
Go and hug your cat goodbye and
Greet. Them. With. A.