Haiku – From Bad to Worse

No empty comforts;
Her wicked lies in my head
Melting my resolve

The space she has left…
Home comforts melt into air
As I head for sin.

Within her black heart,
Only evil. No comfort.
Her mind void of good.




Written for secret keeper’s weekly prompt, using five words:
Weekly Writing Prompt #16

Fabric – Haiku

These are my contributions to TJ’s weekly haiku challenge – check it out here: https://amaviedecoeurentier.wordpress.com/2015/09/12/tjs-household-haiku-challenge-fabric/

I saw you with him,
Holding hands, easy laughter
Rents my heart’s fabric

Fabric of space-time
Will not dye pink in the wash
Unlike my t-shirt!



Picture courtesy of: flickr.com/photos/quinnanya/16258507161

Haiku Challenge – Tears & Wine

This is my contribution for Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge – check it out here https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-61-tears-wine/ . The prompt words really spoke to me – I have constructed a whole narrative haiku poem around them. You may relate… I hope that you enjoy.

Cocktails at the bar.
Easy silence; lustful looks.
Tearing off of clothes.

The smell of your nape,
Your strawberry wine kisses
Take me to that place.

A brutal goodbye
(Is there any other sort?)
That night in the bar.
You left me a broken man,
Sobbing, shoeless, in the street.

Words tore through my heart
With the butcher’s finesse.
Vino veritas

Tears soak my pillow
Seeking the bottle’s comfort
No salvation there

Set aside the drink,
Believe in yourself again.
No more tears for her

Summer breeze carries
A scent of strawberry wine
Bringing fresh promise


Image courtesy of: flickr.com/photos/chillmimi/13423098434 / Creative Commons

Love Haiku #5

Ran five miles home,
A long sprint to hide my shame;
A longer shower

An empty vessel.
I won’t miss you when you’re gone
I tell myself now

Last look through the door.
My heart stretched to breaking point
To see you with him

A look, lingering
Slices through my defences,
Leaves my wound exposed

My sun and my sin,
Guiding me through moonless night
Blinding me to faults

26 – For Emma
Purple skirt kisses
Next to the bar quiz machine
You looked amazing


Picture by kind courtesy of NB Photography (you can find them and more amazing photos on Facebook, or at www.neilbarr.co.uk). “Ailsa Craig from Lendalfoot, Ayrshire”

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Love Haiku #4

Forbidden kisses
In the snow that Christmas Eve,
Furtive magic fell

Your love engorges
The heart’s necrotic chambers
With just a smile

I had brought you wine;
A thousand apologies.
Your heart’s course was set

Frozen heart shatters
Reflecting crystalline love
In her baby blues

Bitten by your ghost
Ethereal reminders
Liquefy reason

Picture by kind courtesy of NB Photography (you can find them and more amazing photos on Facebook, or at www.neilbarr.co.uk). “Saltcoats”

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Love Haiku #2

For this week only, a batch of haiku every day on the general theme of “love”, in all its many guises. I’ll leave you to guess which ones are autobiographical 🙂

First night together,
Awkward passion moved the earth.
Fire alarm sounded

You will never know
What I went through to find you,
Just wasn’t worth it

My heart imploded
Seeing your face in the crowd.
But it wasn’t you

I’d no idea
That was the final goodbye.
A slow fade to grey

So lost without you,
Floating at the sea’s mercy
Bobbing on the tide


Picture by kind courtesy of NB Photography (you can find them and more amazing photos on Facebook, or at www.neilbarr.co.uk). “Perch Light – Lighthouse at Port Glasgow, Inverclyde.”

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"X is for… (dark)" (poem)

Anaesthetised skin
Yields to the surgeon’s blade

X marks

Delicate incisions, then
Spreaders force ribs apart

I am open on your table

Deft fingers sew up the life blood arteries.
Forget-Me-Knots staunch the flow

The heart withers,
A blackened hulk,
Starved of oxygen

Tired hands lose their finesse
As the final cuts are made

The heart, lifted clear,
Set aside

Black blood gushes.
Pain fills the void.

New flesh grows, timidly
Rising like a bile-bathed phoenix

Needing fresh anaesthetic


I’ve written two poems for the letter X – one dark, one light. You can find the lighter one here: https://altheauthor.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/x-is-for-light-poem/