Stop! Children (poem)

Children must be stopped! Check this Throwback Thursday effort out 🙂

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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

12 thoughts on “Stop! Children (poem)”

          1. I used to be a wife… and I was married to the King of bad jokes. Of course he thought I had no sense of humor. After I divorced him he said that only proved it for if I HAD had a sense of humor, I’d have stayed married to him… 🙂

              1. That was not the reason I left… and to this day (26 years later) he is still the king of bad jokes. No worries, we’re friends at this point. I am convinced that you have a greater flair for poetic self expression, and thought provoking prose in addition to your witty catalog of ‘gotchas’ so bring it on! I may be divorced, but I enjoy a smile, a giggle and a good old fashioned blurt it out laugh!

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