Something Fishy (poem)

One of our fish has upped and gone
We don’t know where it can be
We haven’t a clue what has occurred
But it’s definitely not there, we agree

When we packed and left on holiday ,
There were six little fish in the tank.
On our return, there were just five.
Could it possibly just be a prank?

So in the space of seven days,
Our six became just five.
Has some affliction claimed Old Six?
I wonder if he’s alive?

Has it tunnelled its way to freedom,
Digging out through the rocks?
Hiding behind the sugar jar,
Before sneaking out in a box?

Did it hire a crack team of bees,
To pick it up as they flew past?
Carry it away in a matchbox of water,
Out to the ocean, vast?

Or has it too gone on holiday,
And sneaked to next door’s pond?
Sunning itself beneath their lilies,
Dreaming of a life beyond?

I know that these are long-shots,
That the truth will be more mundane.
But I’d prefer any single one of these, to
Upsetting my boys again


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

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