Short Stories

Most of the content I publish is poetry, but now and again I will share a short story on here. Feel free to check these out:

Steps – 4500 words (in 5 chapters) – fiction. A man is clearing out his garden when he falls into … something. The steps downward are his only hope of salvation. Or are they?

Adam – fiction. At the end of the world, there is a zombie outbreak on a refugee ship. Adam is bitten and falls overboard, beginning a long walk to redemption.

5 thoughts on “Short Stories”

  1. I have read several of your posts and greatly enjoy! I will give you a little tip…if you use more than 15 tags on WordPress it is equal to using none. WordPress only recognizes your tags when you use less than 15 including your category. I mention this because I noticed on the 4 posts I read you use 20+ tags. Just a FYI.

  2. I read your short story ‘steps’ ages ago and couldn’t stop until I’d read the entire story! I don’t know why I’m not following your blog already, but I am now!

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