"S is for… Star Wars Prayer" (poem)

Our Vader, who lost at Yavin,
Skywalker be thy name.

Thy New Hope come,
Thy Force Awakens:
Be a worthy episode seven.

Give us this day our daily Jedi
And forgive us our phantom menaces,
As we forgive those who quote Jar Jar against us.

Lead us not to the Dark Side,
But deliver us from Sith evil.

For the Force is the fandom,
The box office and the spin-offs,
For ever and ever.

star wars force awakens logo

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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

5 thoughts on “"S is for… Star Wars Prayer" (poem)”

        1. I guess he’s the figurehead for a range of problems with the films – such as the painful (and pointless) overuse of CGI. I saw a clip the other day of the ball robot from the new films – they actually invented a working ball robot to use in the film. This makes my inner nerd very happy, and cautiously optimistic!

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