On Writing

Some thoughts on the craft of writing that you may enjoy:

– Writers can learn much from one of the best films of all time… obviously I mean Finding Nemo!

This little haiku may provide some general blog guidance:
           Keep your blog style fresh,
           With sharp, well-written content
           And readers WILL come!

– Writing stories for children is a LOT harder than most folks think. Here are some thoughts following a couple of conferences for children’s writers:
http://www.alistairlanewrites.com/?p=1913 (The SCBWI Conference 2015)
http://www.alistairlanewrites.com/?p=4415 (The Nosy Crow Conference 2014 – where my writing journey began)

From writing children’s stories and poems, I got hooked on rhyme… this post is about what the Monty Python team can teach us about rhyme… well, sort of. But it’s an excuse to watch the Pythons do what they do best, at least!

I think there is an amazing healing power to poetry too. I tried to articulate that in this piece, “poetry as therapy“: http://www.alistairlanewrites.com/?p=575

Then there are these other pieces that might interest you:
– some essential advice for every writer – http://www.alistairlanewrites.com/?p=100
– thoughts on “world building” – http://www.alistairlanewrites.com/?p=14
– and some initial thoughts on dealing with the twitterversehttp://www.alistairlanewrites.com/?p=51

If you have any comments or observations on these, or on writing advice in general, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!