OctPoWriMo #27 – Something Whimsical

I come from Planet Poetry
My skin is sunrise red
If similes were sandwiches
You’d consider me well-fed!

Life’s whimsical and wonderful
Down here on planet Earth
With freedom to express yourself:
You don’t know what that’s worth!

I come from Planet Poetry
Words whizzing round my head
If metaphors were magazines,
You’d consider me well-read!

Life’s fantastic and it’s fleeting
On this, my blue new home
So why do you court misery,
Like fleas jump to the comb?

But I come from Planet Poetry
You can tell by my third head.
If I’d said this all in front of you,
I’d hope you say…
“well said!”


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

27 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo #27 – Something Whimsical”

          1. Ah, like Dr Seuss?
            I’d love to visit, but… I don’t have the time today. Though I must say, it was funny for me to see that, some days, rhymes just *had to* be in my poem. Today was not one of those days 🙂

  1. Oh I’d love to set up camp in Planet Poetry.. !! Just today, my husband was asking me to explain one of my lines and I miserably failed. We’re all so misunderstood 😛 Well said!!

      1. And that’s a fine reminder, but there are lots of folks in pain–they don’t want to be, aren’t stubbornly wallowing in it, and have no control over whatever’s causing the pain…they’d much prefer to be “all smiley”.

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