OctPoWriMo #26 – Endless Loop

Everything is cyclical
Nothing ever ends
Cyclical patterns loop, repeat
Ends, old; new beginnings
Repeat unto exhaustion.

Beginnings never nearly fresh;
Exhaustion of the soul:
Fresh weariness on everything.
All of this amounts to nothing. NOTHING.
Everything is cyclical…




Today’s OctPo prompt was to write a loop poem. If you want light and comedic, check out either of my two earlier posts today – this one is not for you!

How to Loop 101:
There are no restrictions on meter or syllables or rhyme schemes (YAY!)
BUT we have a few rules!

Take the last word of a line. Skip a line. Use that word as the first word of that line.
I know, sounds harder than it is, so basically take the last word of the FIRST line and use it as the first word of the THIRD line. Take the last word of the SECOND line and use it as the first word of the FORTH line. Last word of the THIRD line is the first word of the FIFTH line. And it keeps going on and on like that.
Some people do it by stanzas.
Got it? Sounds fun right!

Word Prompts:
Petrichor- the scent of rain on dry earth


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

28 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo #26 – Endless Loop”

  1. I like your loop example and your explanation–thanks for that –I would add that when I was a child I did experience complete freshness–more of a rare experience these days.

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