"M is for… Meeting Minutes" (poem)

Meeting time. Back again.
Position jostle. Click pen.
Introductions. Round we go.
Agenda thin. Lie low.
Soft voices. Gentle tones.
Strategic talk. Silence phone.
“Road map.” Going where?
Chap from Comms slumped in prayer.

Look around. Head in hands.
Ramrod straight. “Robust plans.”
Puffed-up windbag sloganeering.
Tummy rumble. Lunch is nearing.
No one looking – explore nose.
Stretch legs. Wiggle toes.
Fidget, furtle, arch back.
“Vision statement.” Knuckles crack.

‘tache twirling. Deep sigh.
Buzzing round, black fly.
Director talks. People listen.
Manager talks. People stiffen.
Occasional nodding. Nodding off.
Hide face. Smother cough.
Coloured pens, making notes.
Flappy hands. Lofty quotes.

Secret smile. Scratch nose.
Furrowed brow. Agree/ oppose.
Shoulders shrugging. Arms folded.
Limited deeds, sugar coated.
Key partners. Locked in.
Checking BlackBerry. Stroking chin.
Pen poised. Leaning back.
“Synergy.” Defend/ attack.

“Buy-in.” Breathe out.
What’s she going on about?
Mask slips. Straighten face.
Boy, I’ve got to leave this place.

Meeting closes. Went alright.
Wonder what’s for tea tonight?


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

4 thoughts on “"M is for… Meeting Minutes" (poem)”

  1. I really like this one! And I certainly have “been there, done that” at these type meetings. Great job with this! “No one looking – explore nose.”–too funny! “Director talks. People listen. Manager talks. People stiffen. Occasional nodding. Nodding off.”–I can picture this perfectly.

    1. Thanks Kristi 🙂 . I wrote this one during a real meeting, and can still tell you the names of everyone referenced… I’ve no memory of what the meeting was about though!

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