Limerick – Power

The greatest power of all
Is considered by some to be small
With a glint in her eye,
A smile and a sigh,
I come whenever she calls



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27 thoughts on “Limerick – Power”

    1. Thanks Olga. I remember hearing a story (anecdote?) a few years back, about when Hillary met Bill Clinton, and said “that man’s going to be President”… The joke being that if she had stayed with her previous partner, that he’d have been President instead! Will be interesting to see if she gets her chance to demonstrate that female force from the front of the podium 🙂

      1. Are you kidding… we are all wearing heels… Wouldn’t want you to spring a leak having a soda, what with all of us standing on your back! Just glad to see you have the women here, keeping ya in line. Our work is done (for now) 🙂

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