Limerick – Nerds Unite!

I wrote this in reply to Dr Meg’s trekkie haiku (check it out –… thought I’d share it on here! 🙂

There’s a power of which I’ve heard,
Some dismiss as simply absurd.
They take them for granted,
Taking advantage,
But there’s power in being a NERD!



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This also fits with the weekly limerick challenge prompt of “power” –

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35 thoughts on “Limerick – Nerds Unite!”

  1. You know the tribble with you, Al? You’re an enterprising wordsmith… Not that this is a bad thing.

          1. (No bad pun or obscure reference in that previous reply, in case you were wondering. The post was meant at face value; we waged a battle of riposte, and you defeated me handily).

    1. The irony being that the non-nerds would refuse to believe that they had indeed just been transported, and their brains would do the equivalent of going into a feedback loop and giving them the blue screen of death

    1. Yay! I sometimes think that the internet is like a huge Comic-Con convention, but where we can hang out in sloppy clothes and slippers rather than having to dress up impractically and ostentatiously for the day!

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