Happy Birthday To Me! (poem)

Today is my birthday
My age gone up by one.
The hair went long ago,
And I never was much fun.

Will this milestone change me?
I feel old, and I ache.
It’s much the same as yesterday.
Now pass the birthday cake!






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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me! (poem)”

  1. Today is your birthday, so celebrate, please do. Bring on the pints and the cake frosted sweet. Spread glitter cross the sky to light the way for your feet. And when you’ve about exhausted your cheer, remember, we’ll all gather to do it again, same time next year! <3

  2. Happy Birthday, Al! You’re very fun, hilarious in fact–and as long as we still have our humor, we can bear the aches, “etc”…. I’m baking coconut muffins later–if you like them, I’ll do so in your honor!

      1. Alright-y then–“Al’s Muffins” it is!! They actually have some peach yogurt in them too, along with the grated coconut–tasty. Hmm, maybe I should post the quick/easy recipe…

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