Haiku -Puppets on Strings

From a Grinch-based limerick yesterday, to a series of political haiku today… I like to offer variety on here 🙂

Getting strung along:
Corporate politicians

Sell us by the pound
Feeding us their spin

Gorging us like mute cattle
Keeping us in place

We’re puppets on strings
No control over choices

Not the ones that count



Written for: https://haikuhorizons.wordpress.com/2015/12/13/haiku-horizons-prompt-string/


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

8 thoughts on “Haiku -Puppets on Strings”

      1. Politics in Australia has been dragged to the bottom of the value/moral behaviour slope however none of the recent ex pm’s have been involved in strange activities with pigs to my knowledge! Our last ex was the weirdest of the lot, named Tony Abbott. Affectionately known as “The Mad Monk” He believed amongst other strange things , that climate change did not exist and global warming was a hoax. He was a very close friend to Rupert Murdoch. I could go on, two books have already been written on his 24 months in office and he has only been deposed 10 weeks.

        1. Ha ha! Cameron and the pig… a headline/joke writer’s dream.

          There are strong links between large numbers of our elected leaders/ CEOs and traits of psychopathy… sometimes those links really are clear to see

          1. Not just strong links Al I think it is a mandatory requirement to be a highly paid executive/CEO/political leader-minister etc. The networks secretly confirm the degree of psychopathy is guaranteed for the position, everything else kicks in and real. compassionate, transparent, egalitarian folk are sidelined early.
            Rumour has it such leaders have Psycho tattooed on their forehead and only other psychopaths can see it.

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