Haiku – "Pine" & "Grief"

Born a mighty oak,
But am low weathered by grief.
I’m now soft as pine

I would dare it all
For one kiss beneath the pines;
Bear a thousand griefs

No worse grief than this:
Pining for the lost child,
Taken far too soon

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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

19 thoughts on “Haiku – "Pine" & "Grief"”

  1. Jumping all about inside my emotions. Sad and teary eyes, especially the last one. Though trees have feelings and want to be a strong as an oak, they can’t always be what they want to be, either. Beautiful writing. (Read your comment on J’s post about your prefer the # 4. I am an odd # person. 7 being my lucky one. But I do 5 & 3 also). Keep on writing in multiple numbers whether odd or even, you always find a way of working out the most amazing way to express your words in writing great Haiku. jk πŸ™‚

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