Haiku – "Over"

Weather-crossed lovers…
Maybe we’ll be together
Over the rainbow

“Love you,” is easy.
The hardest words to say are:
“I think it’s over”

Two leaves on the breeze
Twirling around each other
All too soon, over

Haiku Horizons prompt “over”


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

15 thoughts on “Haiku – "Over"”

  1. Over, under, sideways, down… good tune. not that this has a bloody thing to do really with your offering here, just thought I would mention it

  2. “Weather-crossed lovers”–oh, I love that! Maybe it’s harder for some than others, to say either “love you” or “it’s over”. Someone I knew couldn’t manage either–left it all up to me till I left.

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