Haiku on my mind!

Haiku on my mind.
Haiku on my mind. Curse you!

To Ronovan:
Something on your mind?
Specific haiku, perhaps?
Oh well, never mind

Meant to write about
Haiku rules to keep in mind…
Too many to list

Don’t mind the haiku:
Carpet mess of syllables…
It’s not yet house-trained

Please mind the haiku
It often starts out one way
And then …

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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

29 thoughts on “Haiku on my mind!”

  1. Hi Al. You have really become excited with Ron’s latest challenge. I like 3 the best. A Japanese friend told me once the most important rule about haiku is there are no rules except maybe 3 lines!!

  2. It’s always a relief when I hear someone say not to worry so much about the rules (just 3 lines)! Some haiku folks are down right intimidating! My fave line is “carpet mess of syllables”–that is FINE!!

  3. Lol. I think after seeing the prompt words this week you have captured how all of our haiku started out. I like how yours ends though… banana! Classic.

      1. I agree, though I find it a challenge to do. I often aimed for Ronovan’s ‘humor’ nod in his post reviews (he did a ‘serious’ one also) but I always fell far short of it. Ah well, I’ll try and try again! You certainly have it nailed 😀

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