Haiku – Myth sequence

Infallible myth
Swift ended by my own hand
Dreams go up in flames

End the perfect hand
Throw the cards on the fire:
Detach dream from myth

Creation dream myth
Forged in fire; scribed by hand
Foretells end of days

This was written for secret keeper’s weekly prompt challenge, based on five prompt words. I like to try and make them all into a haiku…  or three!

Weekly Writing Challenge #6


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

7 thoughts on “Haiku – Myth sequence”

  1. I am so impressed. Amazing combination of Haiku. You hit on such great topics. I particularly like the creation dream myth. You had card games, assuming poker, and very curious about that infallible myth. That’s a mystery to solved. You have gone beyond the imagination and moved up to the next level. Pure inspiration & being touched by fire. Your Haiku are brilliant. Your maneuvering the words so cleverly done. Once again you have outdone yourself. THREE HAIKU. Just marvelous. jk

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