Haiku Challenge – "Recipes"

This is my contribution for TJ’s weekly haiku challenge – check it out here: https://amaviedecoeurentier.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/tjs-household-haiku-challenge-recipies/

My two year old has been baking with my wife in the kitchen this week, and I was desperate to write a haiku about that… the words just wouldn’t come though. Sometimes you can’t force inspiration. Sometimes it finds you.

Luck, time, two fine souls:
Bond them in life’s crucible.
True love’s recipe


Picture courtesy of: flickr.com/photos/thepuzzler/5439493601

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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

12 thoughts on “Haiku Challenge – "Recipes"”

  1. That’s how I react to every prompt: I freeze and no words will come through. 😛 I like what you came up with, though!

    It also reminds me that I’m so annoyed no station in the U.S. is airing season 6 of the Great British Baking Show right now. They’re airing season 4 for some reason. Oh, well, better than not having any episodes to watch. I just love that show!

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