"H is for… a Handful of Haikus"

Trapped inside glass cage
Longing for the poetry
When 5 o’clock comes

I am lost, alone
Beaten by this harsh world
Your words raise me up

No blue sky thinking
All dreams are cancelled today.
Welcome to my job

Printer jammed again
My pleading goes unheeded.
Rise of the machines

Inclusive buzzwords
Seek the diverse honey pot
Sting me all over

A meeting of minds?
Yes, mediocrities all.
And I am of them.

Biscuits, buns and cakes.
Bonds formed in diabetes:
The modern office.

Spent lunch break writing
Haiku poems for my blog
Should have eaten food


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

9 thoughts on “"H is for… a Handful of Haikus"”

    1. I guess that’s the danger of writing haiku after a stressful morning in the office ?… Also wrote this, which is less bleak:

      Fish, deer, sheep, haiku.
      All fog their numbers from us.
      What are they hiding?

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