Guest Poet On Ink & Quill: Al Lane

Jennifer was kind enough to interview me for her wonderful blog… for those (strange people) who want to find out a little more about me, you can check it out here!


Guest Poet On Ink & Quill: Al Lane

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12 thoughts on “Guest Poet On Ink & Quill: Al Lane”

  1. Interesting interview, Al. Enjoyed getting to know you better. 🙂 “I love language and playing with words, and follow them down alleys and cul-de-sacs to see what might become of them.” Wonderful way to express your creative journey of weaving words.

  2. Like you, I don’t particularly care for big words. I mean, a few will stretch my knowledge, but too many… it just seems off to me. I prefer simple, easy words that most can understand. I guess it also comes from never having studied literature and not being a native speaker 🙂

    It was a very interesting journey into the mind of a writer and poet. I love that the poems you chose are about becoming a parent. It reminds me of our little discussion the other day 🙂

    Keep writing Al. If only because I, very selfishly, enjoy it all 🙂

          1. No, it’s rather the third language I learnt. Since then, because of the places I lived in and so on… it’s become my second language. But it’s a mother tongue to all of my children, so that helps 🙂
            What can I say, as I wrote in my last post, I enjoy languages 😉

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