Friday Favourites – The Big Animal Mix-Up

As part of Rhyming Picture Book Month (RhyPiBoMo) in April, we were invited to share a favourite rhyming picture book every Friday. The month is over, but I have one more book I want to share. “The Big Animal Mix-Up”, by Gareth Edwards, and illustrated by Kanako Usui is a fantastic, fun story, perfect for a wide age range of young children, from 2 to 6.

Little Bear’s dad tries to teach him all the animals he ought to know, but the problem is they are a little mixed up! What would happen if a bird was mixed up with a cat? Would it purr? Would it have fur?

What would happen if a cat was mixed up with a bird? Would it fly in air? Would it have feathers not hair?

Turn the page and discover the hilarious results in this fantastic rhyming story

I’ve been reading a lot about “mentor texts” lately, ie texts that demonstrate a particular writing technique well. For me, this does an amazing job of getting the right mix of humour for both adults and children, setting up hooks for the page turns that beg for the child to join in, and has a great refrain that the reader can have some fun with too: “Hang on a minute!”

“This is a fish
It has very soft fur
If you give it a cuddle you’ll hear it go purr.
Hang on a minute!
A fish can’t do that
If it’s furry and purry it must be a …

It’s a simple idea, beautifully executed. I could read this over and over again, and my boys could listen to it just as often. Recommended!


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