For Emma (poem)

I want to say I love you
But it’s all been said before.
So many wordy platitudes
And all with the same flaw.

I want to be original
To show my love is true.
Find a new way to express
The way I feel for you.

I tried simply being modest,
But that just felt too quiet.
My feelings turned erotic…
But I’m too shy to try it.

I toyed with being practical,
Of companionship for life,
But that was pre-included,
When you agreed to be my wife.

I thought about hyperbole
But that just got bizarre.
I considered trying Klingon
But that’s a step too far…

I even tried more modern ways
And first it seemed quite clever
But then I felt a total tit…
It said ” SoulMates 4eva”

So how to end this missive?
Only one way will do.
Like me, a trite, imperfect,
Simple, sweet, “I love you”


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

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