F is for… First Day of School (poem)

Reblogging this for all those parents whose children are just starting school… wrote it a year ago, but it seems like so much longer!

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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

9 thoughts on “F is for… First Day of School (poem)”

  1. I was the opposite with my children. They started getting bored at home and needed more stimulation. My mom used to look after them when I was at work and I think she was relieved also from the demands on her. No crying. Just smiles. Lucky me! The crying came later when they started to hate school or bullying problems.

      1. That was years ago. They’re in their 20’s now. One is a traveling nurse in Northern Canada. The other is becoming disentangled from lost years and almost done upgrading. Thanks for asking.

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