C is for… Cats' Lives (poem)

My cat lost its first life
Through curiosity
(Hanged by a ball of wool)

The second, fell from a tree.

Third, tried and died of shame.

Fourth, eaten by a kestrel, who played it like a game.

Fifth, chased a butterfly right off a cliff.

Sixth, fell from a witch’s broomstick, and ended up a stiff.

Seventh, got trapped in Schrödinger’s box.

Eighth, overthrown in the mouse revolution, and dashed upon the rocks

Which goes someway to explain my cat’s motto…


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

6 thoughts on “C is for… Cats' Lives (poem)”

      1. Oh, I already know the answer to that….they gear up for night raids. I even found their time machine. Apparently, they go back in time in an attempt to take over the world. Unfortunately, they haven’t figured out it’s the future they need to change.

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