"Before" – Haiku

A pair of haiku on a theme, for the prompt “before” – see https://haikuhorizons.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/haiku-horizons-prompt-before/

Life is about “now”
I don’t remember “before”
That day I met you

A truth to free you:
There’s no “before”, only “now”
We lie to ourselves


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

34 thoughts on “"Before" – Haiku”

      1. Your ability to reach into someone else with your personal experiences and bring their personal experiences to their fore front is admirable.

        1. Thank you… I think it comes from the fact that love, lust, heartbreak, false dawns and all the rest are such universal experiences, that they resonate with most of us. And perhaps the type of optimist who would spend time both writing and reading poetry may feel these more keenly than others, and knowingly tread that line between truth and lie.

          There is only now x

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