A toast to toast (poem)

The food I simply love the most
Is toast, it’s toast, it’s toast, it’s toast!
I love it with butter, I love it with jam,
I love it with cheese, I love it with ham!
I’d eat it for breakfast, for lunch and for tea,
You don’t need to pay me: I’ll eat it for free!
I’d eat it with fingers, or with knife and fork,
I’d eat it in Gloucester, Oxford, and York.
I’d eat it in April, I’d eat it in June.
Give me a rocket and I’ll eat on the moon!
White bread or brown, nutty or plain,
I’d eat it all, again and again!
Toast sitting down, or out on the move,
There’s no toastly type which I can’t approve.
Toast with some friends, or solo as a snack,
Give me a plate and I’ll attack, attack, ATTACK!
Toast in the sun or toast in the rain
(It’s been said before I’ve got toast on the brain)
Toast with chocolate spread as a weekend treat.
A day without toast is just incomplete.
I love toast, I love toast, do I need to repeat?
The food I simply adore the most
Is toast, it’s toast, it’s toast, it’s toast!
I nibble, I chomp, I gulp and I chew.
For a steaming plate, what wouldn’t I do!
So if I come to your house and you offer me food,
You know exactly what I’ll say.
“I’ve given it some thought and, just for a change,
I think I’ll try toast today!”


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Author: Al Lane

Writer, Poet, Daydreamer

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