5 Reasons I'd Like To Give For NOT Going To Work Tomorrow

Reasons I’d like to give for not going back to work tomorrow, after the summer holidays:

1- I need a few more days growth on my holiday beard before I can be seen in public with it

2- My tan is peeling. That’s a medical thing, right?

3- My body’s still on Venezuelan time (true, we didn’t leave the country, but no one needs to know that)

4- My cat is still angry after spending a week with the in-laws. I need time to re-bond.

5- The laundry mountain toppled over, pinning me to the floor (wearing emergency underwear… My mother will be ashamed)


https://www.flickr.com/photos/thecarol/2406514773 /Creative Commons… although I have an identical pair of flip-flops… 🙂

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Author: Al Lane

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